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Your experienced government Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Whether you’re looking for debt counselling, credit report review, assistance with consumer proposal or bankruptcy, Westgeest & Associates have the qualifications and tools to help you regain your financial independence.  Beacuse our team of gov’t certified credit counselors helps people of all ages and backgrounds overcome their financial struggles and welcome a debt free life.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the complexities of debt.  We’re government-licensed, fully certified, bonded and committed to finding the best solution for your situation.  Most clients seek our advice and guidance for services including credit, debt counselling, debt proposal-settlement, and also bankruptcy assistance among others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers settle their debt and understand the practice of sound finance through our services.  We are here to serve you and we are happy to offer you our attention to resolve your debt problems.  We have got a variety of services to suit your needs, including recommendations on the best ways to get out of debt.

If your debt issues appear insurmountable–we are here to help.  Our credit, debt counselors have the experience and knowledge to help you get out of almost any bad financial situation.  Throughout your initial, private consultation, appointment, we will help you understand exactly what your present monetary situation is, the choices available to you to fix it, and the first steps to take in getting there.

Over the years we have acquired a strong group of skilled financial advisers committed to recommending the best sources of debt consolidation to our valued clients.  Hence, at Westgeest & Associates, we have helped thousands of people from various backgrounds, ethnic, consumer and business, resolve their financial problems.  We’ll respect your privacy, earn your trust, and get you back on track.

We are a Canadian-owned, government regulated business, committed to providing genuine options to all those with financial problems.  We offer you access to a wide range of government debt relief, financial restructuring programs. We will stand with you to help you find the best solution to your monetary issues.

Our Strength

The strength of our business is the way we treat people. We understand the intense pressure you are under to repay your loans and debts. As a result, your consultation with us will leave you knowing more and better prepared to solve your debt problems with your self-respect intact.  The relief most people feel after meeting with us is immediate. In our first meeting, we will privately review your monetary and personal circumstance in detail and present you with a variety of options for debt relief, reduction.

Some of the relief we may suggest may include credit counselling, debt management, consumer proposal, or bankruptcy among others. We understand this is a really stressful time in your life and look forward to helping you get the government debt relief, financial restructuring you need and deserve. Essentially using the same financial restructuring tools, rules used by the sophisticates in finance, business and business people, thus leveling the playing field and making business financial restructuring, reorganization tools and rules available to the individual.

If it’s good for business to successfully reorganize, restructure their finances to live and prosper another day, how much more important for the individual, a living, breathing being?

Serving Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and British Columbia, the professionals at Westgeest & Associates have empowered thousands of diverse people in monetary crisis to regain control of their financial lives and go on to lead much better, happier lives.  Contact us today.

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