Sometimes financial woes can seem overwhelming and impossible to conquer. In such cases, many people will come to the conclusion that bankruptcy is their only option. However there is actually a wide variety of alternatives to help struggling people find debt relief without declaring bankruptcy. Westgeest & Associates is here to help debtors understand all of their options and make an educated decision on how to proceed.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn they have the resources to repay their mounting debt. We then help them create a plan to get their finances back on track by drafting a budget or recommending lifestyle changes to save money, as well as leveraging any existing assets to help pay the bills.

Even when a person is truly unable to repay their debt in a practical timeframe, bankruptcy is still not the only answer. It’s more common they will have Westgeest & Associates develop a consumer proposal, a document that allows debtors to negotiate with creditors to forgive a portion of the outstanding debt. In the rare cases that a debtor is insolvent and unable to complete a consumer proposal, then bankruptcy may be their only remaining option.

Only government certified trustees like Westgeest & Associates are authorized to file and manage bankruptcy and consumer proposals. When you have crushing debt and it seems like there’s no way out, call Westgeest & Associates.