Most people dream for the day that they can be work free and begin the next chapter of their life. Financial strain in this time can be stressful and change your plans for post retirement life. Here are some simple steps that will help you be prepared for retirement:

  1. Visit Retirement Seminars

Often, employers will have retirement seminars available for their workers. If this isnt available to you, you can contact your human resources department, financial institution, or credit counselling agency to learn about your options.

  1. Budget Budget Budget

Think about your lifestyle and what changes you plan on making after you retire. Make a list of changes such as travel, hobbies and other expenses that may arise after retirement, and also a list of expenses you will no longer need to be paying such as work related expenses and pension contributions.

  1. Mortgage Comes First

It is really important to pay down or pay off your mortgage as soon as you can. A huge weight will be lifted off of your shoulders when you are retired and do not have a large mortgage payment still holding you back.

  1. Go Over Your Life Insurance

Depending on when you purchased your life insurance, there may be changes that have happened in your life. Take a look to make sure it is on par with your needs and still relevant. Otherwise you may be able to get a smaller policy.

  1. Update or Make a Will

Similar to your life insurance, you will may need to be updated. Executors and beneficiaries may change over time, as well as your circumstances. When it comes to your will, it is always helpful to get professional advice to make sure that your wishes will be carried out as you hope.

  1. Don’t Stop Learning

There are so many tools readily available for you to get advice and tips on how to best plan for retirement. Don’t be shy to visit the library and read up on some retirement books or join online communities to reach out to people in similar situations as yours.