Serving Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and British Columbia, the professionals at Westgeest & Associates have empowered thousands of diverse people in monetary crisis to regain control of their finances and go on to lead happier lives.

We offer the following services to all of our clients:

Debt Counselling

If you need a program that helps reduce and/or eliminate your debt, trust our expertise. We are government certified credit counselors and Licensed Insolvency Trustee who offer debt counseling for the reduction, elimination, or solution to most debt problems.

Debt Management

If you find yourself continuously stressed to make ends meet, you should consider a debt management consultation. Through a non­judgmental evaluation of your situation in private, our professionals will offer you guidance and identify options for solving your debt problems.

Credit Card Debt

With our help and advice, you will get a clear picture of your capital, assets, debt, monthly income and expenses, ability to repay as measured under financial reorganization law, and the options available to you to settle your debt. We’ll work with you, help you create a budget you can live on while paying down your debt at a rate and in amounts you can afford.

Student Loan Debt

As tuition continues to rise and income does not, more and more individuals find themselves with student loan debt they cannot repay. Our goal is to help you develop a plan to manage, reduce or eliminate your student loan debt.

Credit Counselling

Are you having a hard time repaying your debt while making minimum payments that don’t seem to reduce your total debt? We will discuss your options and layout a plan that fits your budget and retires your debt.

Credit Report Review

We know that it pays to understand the basics of a credit report and score, the habits that can make your score increase or drop, and the services that can help you monitor your credit. Let us help you!

Bankruptcy Counselling

As a government Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we believe bankruptcy is a final resort. However, in some cases, bankruptcy is the best option. If you’re considering bankruptcy, meet with one of our credit counselors to assess your situation in private. At your appointment, we will help you find the best solution and if necessary, guide you through a bankruptcy.

At Westgeest & Associates, we’ll work with you to restructure, reorganize your debt. Wherever you live, in Metro Vancouver, or our other communities in the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and British Columbia, trust that Westgeest & Associates will provide you the best in detailed and well thought out credit, debt, financial restructuring advice, and service.

If you are in need of help with your debt, in need of debt relief, financial restructuring, answers to financial problems, you are not alone as many individuals deal with financial difficulties at some point in their lives. If you are having a hard time paying down your credit card or other debt, it is crucial that you do something about it as quickly as possible to leave yourself with options, choices. Westgeest & Associates professionals are here to help.

It’s never too late to re­evaluate your finances. Contact us today.

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