Credit Card Debt

Have you been using your credit card as your financial lifeline and it’s caught up with you? If you want to know how to get government credit card debt relief in Greater Vancouver, let Westgeest & Associates show you how to get back on track.

In Greater Vancouver, credit cards can offer an easy way to pay for goods and services and can be a beneficial tool to help manage cash flow and capital. On the downside, charge cards can also be costly (interest) if they are not paid off at the end of each month and depended upon for cash flow or living expenses – tend to pile up – too often resulting in a cycle of consolidation loans at ever increasing cost, ultimately limiting, foreclosing your opportunity.

There are numerous reasons why consumers find themselves living with credit card debt, including job loss, unanticipated expenses, and overspending. Regardless of the cause, many quickly find themselves with uncontrollable credit card debt and no way to get rid of it. The good news: Westgeest & Associates, your providers of government credit card debt solutions in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and British Columbia are here to help.

It’s important that consumers know there is help available, and the time to reach out and get it is now – to overcome the cycle of scrimping for every penny every month, year after year, only to watch your debt grow.

When your Lower Mainland credit card debt is so high that it doesn’t seem like your minimum payments pay down the balance, taking steps to get relief will reduce your stress, allowing you greater freedom to gain clarity about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. And with the right help and service, you should be able to restructure your finances to get yourself out of debt. Consider all of your options carefully, though, because the right debt solution(s) can mean the difference between reorganizing, restructuring your finances or filing for bankruptcy.

One of the best methods to prevent credit card debt in Vancouver from becoming a problem is to understand how credit cards work, and how you can use them to efficiently manage your cash flow and capital. At our credit counselling office in Burnaby, in private, confidential conversation, we will get a clear picture of your personal circumstance – your cash flow, capital (assets), debt, monthly income and expenses and ability to repay as defined by the law. We’ll work with you to make a plan and create a budget that you can live on under the various government Burnaby debt relief, financial restructuring options available.

The best thing about working with Westgeest & Associates, your Licensed Insolvency Trustee, is that we don’t judge or belittle you for being in debt. We understand things happen, that you’re taking appropriate steps to get back on your feet. By letting us help you, we can guarantee that you’ll:

  • Save money
  • Get debt relief much faster–in many cases, our customers have the ability to settle their debts within five years at a monthly repayment rate they can afford
  • Reduce stress–making a plan to settle your credit card debt and having just one monthly payment can take away a lot of the concern and stress of owing money

Let us help you realize your dream of getting out of credit card debt. Contact us today!

Get back on track now!

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