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Are you having a hard time repaying your debt in British Columbia, and scrounging just to make your minimum payments? Maybe you’ve got financial issues that are affecting your sleep, your health, or even your relationships? With our help, you can take control of your finances with credit counselling in Burnaby. Discover what our credit counselling can do for you.

Monetary stress shouldn’t eat up all of your energy. If you’re in debt, suffering from stress, you know the need to get out–and quick! The credit counsellors at Westgeest & Associates can help you begin your journey to a debt free life. We can help put an end to your anxiety. The first step is to phone us or come in for a consultation whence we’ll become knowledgeable about your specific situation, your capital, assets, debt, monthly income and expenses, your ability to repay, and problems in private conversation. Our credit counsellors will evaluate your financial obligations in light of the information, and outline your options and their consequence.

Once we come to understand your individual circumstance and needs, we will thoroughly discuss available gov’t debt relief options with you. Sometimes your best choice may be individual bankruptcy, other times it’s a repayment plan called a consumer proposal under federal debt relief, financial restructuring law. We will discover how much you can pay your bills monthly and compare it to what the relevant legislation requires in bankruptcy (most often little or nothing – the reason why creditors make deals for less than what they’re owed). More often than not, we lay out a repayment plan you can realistically follow, and work with you to make sure you stay on track with the plan to a successful conclusion to avoid bankruptcy.

The goal of credit counselling at Westgeest & Associates is to develop a plan to manage and settle your debt in a reasonable time at a cost you can afford and may include:

  • Bringing your past due accounts up ­to­ date
  • Lowering the month­-to­-month payments you make to each creditor
  • Lowering your interest rates
  • Combining all minimum payments into one payment
  • …and much more

The debt relief option you choose will depend on your personal circumstance and preference. It needs to be based on your future financial goals and whether or not debt repayment allows you to maintain an acceptable lifestyle. At Westgeest & Associates, we give in-depth and competent financial guidance to those overwhelmed by debt and want to be debt-free. Credit counselling in Metro Vancouver will help you resolve your debt with the lenders you have borrowed from. We’re happy to answer your questions and help.

If you’re drowning in debt in Greater Vancouver, it’s time to do something about it. Get suggestions from one of our credit counsellors and start your way back to monetary stability. At Westgeest & Associates, your government Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we supply detailed debt, credit, budgeting, and monetary advice through caring, competent credit counsellors. Contact us today.

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