Student Loan Debt

Student loans in Greater Vancouver and the failure to repay them have increased dramatically in recent years. As tuition continues to rise and income for entry-level jobs do not, more and more individuals find themselves with student loan debt they cannot repay.

The majority of student loan recipients are young, and the debt they are taking on is, quite often, their first endeavor in the world of credit. Students might not have the education or life experience to actually comprehend how credit works, and typically don’t make a plan for repayment.

Since it takes the average student many years to repay student loan debt in British Columbia and since it can be difficult to obtain long-term, sustainable employment in their chosen career, it is not surprising that after years of struggle many discover that they are not able to keep up with their student loan repayment obligation and find the outstanding balance prohibitive, limiting their lives accordingly.

Missed payments are not forgotten and can come with serious repercussions. If you are struggling to make your monthly payments, you should explore the repayment options available to you through your student loan solution provider, Westgeest & Associates.

Getting a post­secondary education in Canada is getting more and more expensive every year, and many people find that their degrees, diplomas, or certificates are simply putting them deeper and deeper into debt. If you have built up student loan debt, you may be struggling to make your payments and wondering what government debt relief, restructuring choices are available to you, forgiveness or any other sort of help?

At Westgeest & Associates, your government Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we want to help all recipients of student loans in British Columbia better understand their debt repayment alternatives. Our goal is to put you in a position to make sound decisions about your student loan(s) and financial future.

In an ideal world, everybody would have a top paying job waiting upon graduation and settling student loan debt would not be a concern. In reality, university, college and other post-secondary school graduates frequently have difficulty finding full-time work in their field of study following school. The need to make month-to-month loan repayments after graduation while trying to land a great job and juggling expenses can be an uphill struggle.

For help with your student loan debt simply contact Westgeest & Associates today.

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