The sun is shining, the temperature is hot, but the bills don’t stop. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of summer and lose track of your spending. Summer overspending is really common, and actually can land you into debt if you are not careful.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways that you can easily cut back on your summer spending while still having a great time.

Start a garden

Growing your favorite fruits and veggies can be an easy answer to cutting back on your grocery bill. While many might think that you have to be an experienced gardener or have a green thumb to start your garden, there are a lot of plants that are easy to grow, produce large yields, and can even grow throughout the year. A few of the easy to grow plants for beginners are lettuce, kale, herbs, cucumbers, jalapenos, tomatoes, and potatoes.

As an added bonus to saving money, you can feel good about eating healthier, home grown food. It is also a fun and inclusive activity for the family!

Hang dry laundry

Just because something is old fashioned, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth giving a try. Take advantage of the summer breezes and warm air by hang drying your clothes outside. This is a great tip for people who find themselves drying multiple loads of laundry a day. You won’t even notice the difference in your clothes!

Shop or host a yard sale

Hosting a garage sale is a great way to declutter while getting a few extra bucks in your pocket. Shopping garage and yard sales is a great way to get out of the house, do a little shopping for some thrifty finds and enjoy the nice weather.

Get outdoors

No need to feel pressure to spend money on outdoor summer activities when you’re looking for an activity to get you outside. Get to know a new neighborhood or even your own. Being a tourist in your own city can be a lot of fun, and is often something that people forget to do.

Walking is the best free activity you can do. For the days you’re feeling like more of a challenge, look up local hikes and spend a few hours on a trail instead.

Plan a staycation

Ever had a stay at home vacation? You spend all year building your house into a home, why not take a week to really enjoy it? Do a little prep work by cleaning the house and stocking up on groceries so you have no reason to be doing any last minute tasks. Now, invite some friends over, have a bbq, set up a movie night, game night…the options are endless. Do you have young children? Consider the cost difference between a day at disney world and buying your family a couple new toys that the whole family can enjoy. Having fun doesn’t need to be expensive!