Sometimes, when you are hopelessly in debt, bankruptcy is the best option that you have when it comes to starting over. You can relieve yourself of overly heavy financial burden and start rebuilding your life without the pressure of bills that you cannot possibly pay. At Westgeest & Associates, we understand completely when somebody needs to file for bankruptcy. Mistakes are human, and our financial culture provides ways for you to get out of crippling debt. So to make sure that your journey back to a normal life, we provide bankruptcy counselling. From the start of when you declare bankruptcy, we will be there to support you, and make sure that you don’t run into any pitfalls on your journey back to freedom.

Bankruptcy has the reputation of sounding bad, but in the situation it applies, it is usually one of the better options. The decision to file for bankruptcy is something that you can always fall back on. No lender can lawfully prevent you from using this option. Once you file for bankruptcy, collectors who are attempting to contact you will stop, giving you peace of mind. From here you can start rebuilding your credit.

While filing for bankruptcy, you will have to meet with Westgeest & Associates twice for bankruptcy counselling sessions, once in the second month and once in the sixth month of your bankruptcy proceeding. Here we will help you with money management, your future credit, and financial affairs to prevent trouble with debt down the line.

Westgeest & Associates has provided debt relief for over 30 years. Located in Burnaby, we serve in Richmond, Vancouver, and across the Lower Mainland.